Kiss My Lo-groni


With the International Negroni Week coming up (10 to 19 September 2020) we started looking for a  responsible way to enjoy one or several tasty Negroni’s.

As a base we chose our Kiss My Blackberries. The sweet and sour of the blackberries combined with the  spicy anise touch of the fennel seeds gives this Negroni extra depth. The pure non-alcoholic gin and the full flavored 0% Italian Bitter makes sure you can sip on a low ABV cocktail without giving in on taste.

Big in flavor and guilt-free.

With this in mind and after a few tests, we achieved great results which we can keep to ourselves.

That is why we decided that in order te celebrate the International Negroni Week together, we will gift a free bottle of Kiss My Negroni for every order on our website consisting out of min. 1 bottle of Kiss My Aperitifs.





When count Camillo Negroni asked his friend and bartender Fosco Scarselli in 1919 in Florence in Caffé Casoni to add some punch to his favorite cocktail, he couldn’t have known that over a century later, that same cocktail would still carry his name.

The extra punch came from replacing the soda in the Americano (Vermouth –  Bitter – Soda) by gin. Instead of adding the obligated slice of lemon as he would have done in the Americano he added a slice of orange. 

It didn’t take long before locals started ordering the drink of Camillo Negroni when visiting the bar. This was quickly shortened to a ‘Negroni’ and also ment the brith of this classic cocktail.

Camillo Negroni was a flamboyant and passionate traveller. In his twenties  he travelled through America where he passed his time as a cowboy and a notorious gambler. He also spend some time in London, that back then already had a vivid gin-scene. This probably explains his weakness for this spirit.

Even James Bond had good taste. In the first novel of Ian Fleming with 007 in the mail role, the spy orders ‘An Americano’.


Negroni Today


Over the last years Negroni got more and more popular. The perfect cocktail to precede a great meal. An aperitif that stokes up the appetite and the pallet and in the most literal way opens your stomach.

In the meantime Negroni is after the old fashioned, the best sold cocktail in the world.

But what makes Negroni so Popular?

Next to its extremely good balance, the Negroni is also really fool-proof. What means that wherever you are in the world when ordering a Negroni, you are in for a treat. That why we are convinced that your first won’t be your last.


Negroni Week


Since 2013 Imbibe Magazine and Campari join forces for the organization of the Negroni Week.

Already an annual tradition to celebrate one of the world’s best cocktails and in the meantime raise money for various good causes.

The’ve grown from 120 venues in the first year to 12000 participants last year and raised almost 3 million dollars.